Hello library world!

Well I’ve done it. I’ve just completed my MLIS degree requirements. Now I just wait for the convocation ceremony and the diploma that proves that I have the MLIS degree.

It is a very exciting time and a little surreal. After just over two years of working towards becoming a librarian, I finally am one now! I haven’t called myself a librarian in public much yet, however, I did let slip at the dentist that I was now a librarian. The dental assistant was one of those fabulous people who say “If I hadn’t become a _____, I wanted to become a librarian!’.

I’m currently submitting applications for jobs. This morning I got my first interview. Today, unemployed new graduate, tomorrow the WORLD!!!

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  1. Leah says:

    This blog is targeting library and information professionals, though I welcome anyone who has an interest to explore and to share interesting library/information facts/news with me!

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