Online tutorials

For two class assignments we looked at the use of online tutorials for the delivery of library instruction or as additional aid to students/patrons who are unable or don’t want to come to the library reference desk. For an assignment we had to each create an online tutorial on a topic of our choice.

For both of the assignments I used screencasting to create videos. It is fun to do, though it is essential to have proper equipment (particularly a good microphone) as I’ve noticed that playback can be a little off.

For the first one, I used This software was easy to set-up and to use. The disadvantages are that it is a one-shot record and there is no editing options. My online tutorial is located at or here.

For my second one I used Camtasia. I really liked this program. You can get a 30 day trial, or purchase the software. I liked how you could stop and continue with your recording, the option to include closed captioning, and the editing options. My online tutorial is located at or here.

I think online tutorials are a great way to highlight and demonstrate library services and resources. With the growing number of students who work off-campus, it is beginning even more important to offer such services to reach our audience. I look forward to experimenting more with screencasting software.


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