I’m an editor . . . sort of


At Saskatoon Public Library, we produce a quarterly publication called Library News. This publication is like a print magazine, which is also available as a pdf on our website. It gives information about programs and collections at the library, for all our users.

I’m responsible for the Gallery page (as the Gallery Coordinator) and for the Fine and Performing Arts page. I’ve been playing with the content and layout of how the Fine Arts page should look. Sometimes I feel like I’m working at a magazine with my mock-ups that I create to take to meetings (in particular I’m thinking of The Book from the Devil Wears Prada). It can be a lot of additional work, but I’m proud of the work we are doing. It is proving to be a good experience to work with the different members of Fine and Performing Arts to come up with the content. We come up with the content (and I’ve come up with some arrangement on the page) but then we hand it over to another department to put it all together – sometimes with some changes which I don’t always agree with.

Here are two examples of the latest Fine and Performing Arts pages.

The first one is a page that I titled “From Prehistoric Art to Modern”. I realize that not all the books listed on the Prehistoric side are fitting to that period, but it was a generalization. And I wanted it to fit with the documentary ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’, which is excellent!

A page on Rock Music. We were able to highlight several Canadian rock groups – always excellent to do.

I think these pages highlight the knowledge of our staff and the diverseness of our collection. But I wonder how many people actually look at these pages.

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