Working with Artists in the Community


As part of my job, I am the Gallery Coordinator. I chair the gallery curatorial committee (made up of artists in the community). I plan out the show dates, and communicate with the artists about the set-up, installation, reception, and take-down of their exhibits. I produce the Gallery page in our Library News edition, create and update the Gallery pages on the website, and create content for the frontpage and for Facebook promoting the Gallery reception. I get to meet the artists who exhibit in the Gallery – lots of interesting people in Saskatoon. Definitely a talented art community.

The current show in the Gallery is “Evince” by Monique Martin. I really like her exhibit. It is a combination of installation, re-purposed books, mixed media and a play on literature (one piece is a drawing has all the flowers in Ophelia’s crown from Shakespeare’s Hamlet). The exhibit examines the move away from traditional print books to the dependance on other print platforms such as e-readers. She has had some media exposure, such as this interview on the CBC:

Besides artists who exhibit in the Gallery, working in Fine Arts allows me to meet members of the public who are working artists. I was honoured to be asked by one to come visit her studio and write a little something for her upcoming exhibit. Jinzhe Cui is originally from China, but has been in Canada for a few years now. Here is her online portfolio:

Looking forward to more interactions in the future!

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