Review of Innovative Redesign and Reorganization of Library Technical Services


Innovative Redesign and Reorganization of Library Technical Services. Edited by Bradford Lee Evan.

Although I don’t work in technical services, I do interact with our technical services department. I found this book helpful in understanding how they function, how they are structured, and the changes they have undergone in the past year.

I agree with the survey that says that LIS programs don’t adequately train new professionals in the TS aspect of our jobs. I’ve found that those skills are needed in my job as a reference and collection librarian, and that I’ve had to learn a lot on the job in this area.

I really like the idea that those working in reference should have some time in technical services and vice versa. Though, I would hope this would be built into your job, and not thrown in as something else that one should be doing (I know we all have enough that we are juggling at the moment). The point behind this is to allow both groups to understand the problems and concerns from both points of view. I think it is really beneficial for catalogers to understand how the community uses the library and how they search for materials. And I think it is beneficial for reference staff to understand how TS works, how they come to their decisions, and the constraints placed on them. Hopefully, this exchange of knowledge would result in more effective catalogs and quicker processing of materials.

Overall, I found this book useful. Some chapters were too specific for the person not working in a TS department, but I can imagine they would be helpful, especially if the department was going through a change.


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