On a journey with magazines


I find magazines are a wonderful way to spend some time relaxing and for seeking inspiration. Whether it is recipes I want to try out, interior design ideas, fashion, art news, or crafts, I can easily spend a lot of time flipping through and reading articles in magazines. Though often it is the pictures that captivate me. The public library is a great place to fuel this magazine obsession without breaking my budget.

Craft Magaines

Most public libraries will have a selection of magazines available to read in library or to borrow. Some also will sell old copies on a sale table – a great way to get some cheap books or magazines for travelling that you don’t have to worry if you lose or if it gets beat up in your bag! Many public libraries now offer a digital magazine service as well. My public library uses Zinio (for libraries – there is also the subscription version that you can get yourself). While I was recently in New Zealand, Flipster seemed to be the e-magazine service used down there. On my iPad mini, it is easy to download the app, go through my library to Zinio, input my library card details, browse the magazines, download and start reading. The magazines don’t expire so I can take my time reading them. With a flick of the finger, I move onto the next page. There is something wonderful about being able to fit so many magazines onto such a small and light device.

I personally love a physical copy of a magazine to hold, flip through, and hold up closer to examine a detail. Magazines have helped me pass the time while flying, waiting for others, as a quick read while hanging out in a library, and as a part of a relaxing ritual of having a bath. When I’ve been travelling, I’ve been known to take a break from the weather and walking, to step into a public library, choose a magazine, and relish this time to relax before I move onto my next adventure.

Stay tuned for reviews of some of my favourite magazines. I hope that you may discover a new favourite (or more) as I have.


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