Magazine Review: Selvedge: the Fabric of Your Life

Selvedge Cover 2

I remember when we first got Selvedge at the library. It looked a little different than the other magazines. A different shape, not the glossy pages that you typically think of with a magazine, but a rich texture. Felt more like a book than a magazine. Most people didn’t know what this magazine was, but slowly through word of mouth, and recommendations from staff, people started discovering this wonderful magazine about Textiles in Fashion, Art, Craft, Design, Interiors, Travel and Shopping.

Selvedge was founded in London by Polly Leonard. It is published bi-monthly six times a year. It explores the role of textiles in our lives, shares stories about textiles from the past and from the present, is a creative forum for artisans and enthusiasts, and has provided a community for those who love and work in textiles.

The magazine is broken up into different sections. They usually are:

Indulge: textile to buy, collect or simply admire
Global: Textiles from around the world
Anecdote: textiles that touch our lives
Attire: critical reporting of fashion trends
Concept: textiles in Fine Art
Industry: from craft to commerce
Cohabit: stunning interiors beautifully photographed
Events: dates for your diary
Inform: the latest news, reviews and exhibition listings

What I love about Selvedge is its mix of history, contemporary arts, and styling. The articles are easy to read, informative, and remind me why I loved studying Art History. The photographs are so gorgeous that I just want to keep looking at them. And I love how they have styled the whole package together.

If you can’t get your hands on a print copy, I recommend checking out their online presence here.


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