Magazine Review: Galleries West


Galleries WestAn integral magazine to my job as an art librarian in Western Canada, is Galleries West. Why is it integral? Because it covers the arts in Western Canada, exposing me to new artists who work in this area of Canada. Books are reviewed, artists interviewed, and gallery exhibitions are listed. This Canadian magazine is published 3 times a year. It strives to raise awareness of the visual arts in Western Canada. The articles range from established artists to emerging artists, often those who tie in with an exhibit that is showing in the West. I enjoy going through the First Impressions, a news and events coverage at the beginning. This truly is a good resource to become familiar with artists and galleries in the West. The artists covered are established artists and new emerging ones.

Now a few years into my job I feel a sense of accomplishment when I see a name of an artist I recognize. Or if I own a piece of work by an up and coming artist, such as a Zane Wilcox ceramic, who was one of the five nominees for 2015 RBC Emerging Artist People’s Choice Award. I’ve even seen The Gallery at Frances Morrison Library listed in these pages.

I find the articles to be relevant and wide ranging. Contemporary and historical artists. The Fall/Winter 2015 has an excellent article on the Government art collection and it’s relationships with Canadian Artists, It’s Complicated: Ottawa’s uneasy relationship with the visual arts by Paul Gessell. And the Spring 2016 issue has an article on the spectacular Asian art collection housed at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. The content applies directly to what is in our own backyard of Western Canada, but also links to a wider coverage of the arts related to the broader Canadian context and internationally. I really enjoy this magazine, and encourage you to seek it out.



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