img_0096My name is Leah Bruce. I graduated in the Spring of 2010 with a Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) graduate from the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (SLAIS) at the University of British Columbia, CANADA.

Upon graduation, I moved to New Zealand, where I worked as a Liaison Librarian at the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. I thoroughly enjoyed working as a Liaison Librarian, working with students online through Blackboard, working with faculty on course development and resources, learning more about Maori and Kiwi culture, and bringing the new skills and knowledge from my MLIS degree to the Open Polytechnic Library. The experience of working and traveling in New Zealand, a beautiful country, was a wonderful first professional job. The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand is a distance education college. This was a new environment for me to work in and I found it really interesting. Thy have a wide variety of students, with students fresh from school to those returning to study after years of being away, to even prisoners who take courses. Because students don’t often come to campus, you have to provide reference services and information literacy in different ways than you would with students in person.

International Librarianship is an area I am interested in exploring more. I’m a traveller, explorer, and genuinely interested in people. I’ve been a library peer mentor in the International Librarian Network for the last few years. I’ve enjoyed communicating with library professionals from Poland to Australia. It is fascinating to see that trends in libraries truly do move on a global scale, and that issues we are facing in our areas, are similar to issues facing those thousands of miles away. I’m excited for any other international opportunities I may participate in in the future.

I returned to Canada because of the opportunity to work as a Fine Arts Librarian. I started with Saskatoon Public Library as the Fine and Performing Arts Librarian in June 2011. Again, a very different type of position and responsibilities. My job consisted of Collection Development, Reference and Circulation, Programming, and as Gallery Coordinator, organizing gallery shows which changed every 4 weeks. After working as the Fine Arts Librarian for two years, I was promoted to be the head of the department, as the Fine Arts Coordinator.

My jobs in Fine Arts at Saskatoon Public Library tied in nicely with my educational background. I have an Honours BA in History in Art from the University of Victoria.  It was wonderful to have a job that combined both of my interests.

Although I love working as an Art Librarian, I have a wide range of interests. My interest is in Art Libraries, Academic Libraries, Public Libraries, and specialized collections, such as Health Libraries. I’ve had an interest in the Health field for a long time, and have worked in this field for a number of years. I am interested in Research, Reference, Bibliographic Control, Collection Development, Community Librarianship and developing community connections, Content Development, Digital Services, UX, Leadership, and Management.

While I was at SLAIS, I took classes on Information Services, Bibliographic Control, Visual Arts Information sources and services, and Archives. I was an executive member of SLA@SLAIS, a student chapter of the Special Library Association. I contributed to planning, organizing, and running of student events, and I served as the archivist, maintaining the group’s records.

While a library student, I was a Graduate Academic Assistant. I worked at Koerner Library, one of the University of British Columbia’s libraries. I worked on the reference desk in the Humanities and Social Sciences division, and I instructed 100-level English classes on library instruction. In addition I worked a term at Health Canada, in the Information Management Services Directorate.

On this blog you can see my musings on library news and resources, some of the work I have done, my resume and what I’ve been up to. Please contact me if you are interested in getting in touch with offers of employment or professional contacts.


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