Professional Resources

ARLIS/NA has been my main go to professional body for advice on issues pertaining to work as an art librarian. The listserv is incredibly useful, willing to help, and always supporting each other. I’m a big fan of liking them on Facebook, or joining library Facebook groups as a way to get news and ideas.

National and local library associations, and other library associations that are relevant or of interest to you. For example, I follow the British Columbia Library Association (BCLA), Library and Information Association of New Zealand (LIANZA), and the English language art library associations (ARLIS) listed below.

Art Libraries Society of North America/ ARLIS UK & Ireland / ARLIS/ANZ (Australia+New Zealand) websites and listserves.

ARLIS/NA Review The latest in art publishing, reviews done by art information professionals, published bimonthly

Multimedia & Technology Reviews reviews of websites, online databases and other tools relevant to art libraries and those they serve

Art Documentation is the official journal of the ARLIS/NA, with articles and career advice for art information professionals, published twice a year.

International Librarians Network is an international peer mentoring program that I have found incredibly useful to stay up-to-date with issues and topics in the library world, and a good way to share issues across borders and library types. Read about my experiences with the ILN here.

Library Journal a print and online publication with library articles, news, and reviews of materials and databases. Always look forward to a new issue landing on my desk . . .


Library Program Ideas

Library as Incubator Project

Other libraries you admire or that are nearby, follow on Facebook, Twitter, email newsletters, etc.

Possible community groups you can collaborate with. In Saskatoon, I followed the news and Facebook feeds of various arts groups so I knew what was happening and determine how we could help or work with them.

Library Journal

Art Documentation (need to have ARLIS membership to access, or available through institutions that have it in their collection)


Art News

I stay up-to-date with art news through various ways. I follow art groups and galleries on Facebook, both local and international. And I go through the various art, architecture and design magazines that are relevant or of interest to the collection I work with. Depending on where you are located, this list will vary.


Canadian Art magazine

CBC Arts

Galleries West


Art History

Art History Resources Facebook page




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